About us

Daniel Ewerman started Transformator Design in 1998. Our speciality in those early years was design strategy. However with more and more businesses and organizations wanting to become customer-centric, we shifted our focus to service design. And today we are one of the most experienced service design companies in the world.

We are a service design company

We are based in the quaint Stockholm district of Södermalm, Right by the Slussen public transport hub, the jetties of the inner Harbour and Stockholm’s picturesque mediaeval old town. While most of the 35 of us working here are design specialists, we can also offer in-house competency in branding, development of digital services, as well as in organisational and operational development. What we all have in common are our values: We strive to improve the lot of every one in our community, putting equality, sustainability and diversity to the fore, and taking on assignments that match our values.

Here is what’s unique about us:

  • We co-create with customers and clients in the same process
  • We solve complex problems using design methodology
  • Our starting point is always independent of channels

Our inspiration and motivation stem from curiosity, creativity and the willingness to understand people’s behavior. We are not afraid to ask questions, dig deeply and turn conventional thinking upside down in our quest to create tomorrow’s customer-centric solutions.