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Systembolaget wants to meet their customers in a welcoming and professional way, without losing focus on their mandate, to strive for a healthy consumption of alcohol. They asked us to help them improve the customer experience factor at their stores without it leading to an increase in sales. Today, Systembolaget are exemplary when it comes to customer satisfaction and they have won several awards for their friendly customer service.

Om Systembolaget

Systembolaget, the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly, controls the sale in Sweden of liquor and strong beer. It was established on the premise that removing profit motives from alcohol sales helps reduce alcohol related problems. The mandate handed to Systembolaget by the state is thus by definition to help limit the harmful effects of alcohol.

Sometimes I have no idea what I am looking for, which makes it difficult to know what to ask the staff.

CUSTOMER about Systembolaget


One challenge was to build good customer meetings, while bearing in mind Systembolaget’s mission, to limit the harmful effects of alcohol. In other words, create good customer experiences without it contributing to more sales, as well as to increase peoples’ awareness of their drinking habits, without preaching. We therefore chose to help Systembolaget by creating welcoming touch points, defining the desired form and function of the customer meeting and building an understanding of how customers perceived Systembolaget and its mission.


To build a better customer experience, Systembolaget needed to improve the atmosphere in its stores with the help of visual communication and design changes. Customers also felt that it was important to highlight the added value that Systembolaget offered through its expertise, knowledge and helpfulness, and that Systembolaget inspired them to make informed choices on the basis of a healthy consumption. However, customers found it difficult to reconcile themselves with Systembolaget’s alcohol and health guidelines and even perceived it as deceptive. It is therefore important that Systembolaget adopts a creative approach in communicating its mission and avoid what might be experienced as a patronizing or preacher attitude.

Systembolaget now offers inspiration and advice to customers with the help of the “smakprofil” (taste profile) tool, which builds on our customer insights. They have also chosen to highlight the staff’s expertise by providing them with new uniforms reminiscent of those used in the restaurant. In this way customers are reminded of the competence the staff possess.