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Handelsbanken was not looking to set up a traditional Internet bank. Instead, the aim was to create an Internet bank based on customer needs. The key to succeeding was getting to know the bank’s customers thoroughly and learn how to create digital services based on the customer insights that thus emerged. Handelsbanken has now launched a need-based Internet bank for corporate customers – digital services co-created with the bank’s corporate customers.

Om Handelsbanken

Handelsbanken is a full-service bank with branches across Sweden, as well as in the UK, Denmark, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands. The bank was established in 1871 and has over 11,000 employees, with operations in 25 countries.



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The challenge

In order to create the digital bank services Handelsbanken’s corporate customers had been asking for, the bank had to gain an in-depth knowledge of its corporate customers. It was only when the bank understood the needs, motivations and expectations of its corporate customers that Handelsbanken was able to start working on creating a need-based Internet bank.

The result

We helped Handelsbanken to gain a thorough understanding of its corporate customers and identify different customer needs. From the various segmentations based on needs we gained information and created customer centric concepts of how the Internet bank’s services should be shaped and work. We produced concrete sketches that illustrated how factors as navigation, function, flow and brand should be presented on the basis of the customers’ needs, logic and expectations.

Handelsbanken has implemented bank services based on the insights gained and concepts created from this project.