Health care · 2012


Giving up smoking is rarely easy, that’s why Pfizer wanted to learn about the process of quitting smoking. This project made us investigating the ins and outs of giving up the habit and led to us producing a customer journey “Giving up Smoking”. This client centric project formed part of a broader initiative from Pfizer entitled “Not only Drugs’, a message which indicates a move from selling pharmaceuticals to providing customer-centric holistic solutions.

Om Pfizer

Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies with more than 90,000 employees in over 150 countries and a common vision to bring therapies to people that extend and improve their lives.

It does not matter what I say, they do not listen

Prescribing doctor about smoking cessation

The Challenge

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer wanted to familiarize themselves with the process of giving up smoking from the perspective of both the prescribing physicians, nurses and current or previous tobacco users. They also wanted to find out how the prescription medication for treating nicotine addiction, Champix, could be combined with appropriate auxiliary services for maximum customer satisfaction.

The Results

We compiled customer insights about Pfizer’s offerings to treat nicotine addiction and, building on customer insights, we created a customer journey along the process of and experience of giving up smoking. In this way, we could identify offerings and activities that Pfizer should be focusing on, provided from a customer perspective.